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Skyscrapers Under Construction or Proposed in Los Angeles – The Tower Info

Below is a list of the skyscrapers under construction or planned to be built in Los Angeles, California, the skyscrapers are at least 700ft tall and are listed in order from shortest to tallest.

Due to the rapid development of skyscrapers in Los Angeles, the status and other details of the buildings below are subject to change, and over time, more high-rise towers would be proposed, the content below will be updated accordingly.

The BLOC Tower

Status: Proposed

Height: 751 ft (216 m)    Floor count: 53

Estimated completion: unknown

Functions: Residential

The BLOC Tower is a residential tower proposed to be built atop The BLOC’s parking garage, which is an existing massive 12-level parking garage located in Downtown Los Angeles. In 2018, Washington, D.C.-based firm National Real Estate Advisors took control of the building complex that includes the parking garage, and submitted the plan to City Planning in late 2021. The tower will add 41 stories atop the 12-story garage, resulting in a 53-story skyscraper. It would offer 466 apartments.

Designed by New-York based Handel Architects, the tower would be supported by an unusual concrete pedestal base that tapers towards the ground, and a sculpted glass rooftop would cap the building, featuring an outdoor sky deck with trees planted. The top of the parking garage will be transformed into a large green space.

6AM Towers I & II

Status: Proposed

Height: 710ft (216 m) – South Tower / 732ft (223 m) – North Tower   Floor count: 58

Estimated completion: unknown

Functions: Residential, Hotel

6AM Towers is a 58-story twin-tower development located at 6th and Alameda Streets in the Arts District, proposed by Irvine-based real estate firm Suncal in 2016. The project will be comprised of a 732-foot-tall north tower and a 710-foot south tower, as well as several shorter buildings, all based on a podium, occupying nearly 15 acres.

The north tower would feature a hotel and residential units, while the south tower would include additional residential units, and retail space on the ground floor. In total, the project would offer 1,305 apartments, 431 condominiums, and 412 hotel rooms. The towers are designed by Pritzker Prize-winning Swiss architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron, in joint with two local firms.

The site of the project is currently occupied by a series of warehouses and industrial buildings, no high-rise buildings can be found in the surrounding area, the project is intended to be the starting point for a new high-rise district in the city. As of June 2022, the project is still going through the entitlement process with the City of Los Angeles.

Olympic Tower

Status: Approved

Height: 742 ft (226 m)    Floor count: 57

Estimated completion: 2025

Functions: Office, Hotel, Residential

Olympic Tower is a 57-story skyscraper proposed to replace the Downtown Car Wash, which is located directly across Olympic Boulevard from L.A. Live. If built, the tower will block Hotel Figueroa from south side, which means the building’s iconic three-panel billboard will no longer be visible. The project was submitted for review in 2015 and received approval in late 2021.

The tower will rise to a height of 742 feet, the facades will be wrapped by a diamond pattern exoskeleton, and integrated with vertical gardens, appearing like a giant urban tree. The tower will be for mixed use, including office spaces and retail spaces on the lower levels, a hotel with 373 rooms on middle levels, and 374 condominiums on upper levels. The base of the tower will include a eight-story parking podium along the northern edge, it would accommodate 838 cars when combined with 6 subterranean levels. The construction of the tower is expected to take 34 months.

Olympic & Hill Onni Tower

Status: Under construction

Height: 760 ft (232 m)    Floor count: 60

Estimated completion: 2025

Functions: Residential

Olympic & Hill Onni Tower (or 1000 Hill) is a 60-story residential tower proposed by the Canadian real estate development firm Onni Group, it was approved by City Council in 2019.

The residential tower will sprout from a 4-story podium that will contain retail spaces and parking spaces, with capacity of more than 1,000 vehicles when combined with subterranean levels, and the above-grade parking spaces will be fully masked by apartments built along the perimeter of the podium. There will be a total of 700 apartments included in the building.

With a designed height of 760 feet, the tower will become the tallest residential building in Los Angeles when completed, and hold that title for a while until it’s surpassed by 1045 South Olive Street, which will be introduced below. The surface parking lot on the site of the project has been razed in April 2022. The construction of the tower is expected to take about 2.5 years to complete.

Pershing Square Tower

Status: Approved

Height: 789 ft (240 m)    Floor count: 53

Estimated completion: 2024

Functions: Residential, Hotel

Pershing Square Tower is a 53-story tower proposed in 2018 by the local real estate firm JMF Development, the tower is planned to be built on a vacant lot immediately next to the 16-story Pershing Square Building, which is located on the northeast corner of Pershing Square and is home of Perch rooftop bar. The project was approved by City Planning in 2019.

The tower has a bold and unique design, featuring an array of cantilevered swimming pools on the upper floors, appear like the blocks used in the game Jenga, and similar to 56 Leonard Street in New York City.

The tower will feature a hotel with 190 guest rooms on middle floors and 31 condominiums on upper floors, twelve of which will contain cantilevered swimming pools. The parking podium at the base of the tower will feature a wall of falling water which will conceal the parking spaces. The 13th floor will be connected to Perch rooftop bar on the adjacent Pershing Square Building.

1045 South Olive Street

Status: Approved

Height: 810 ft (247 m)    Floor count: 70

Estimated completion: 2026

Functions: Residential

1045 South Olive Street is a 70-story residential skyscraper proposed in 2016 by the Miami-based developer Crescent Heights, to replace a stretch of flat buildings at the northwest corner of 11th and Olive Streets in South Park. The project was approved by City Planning in May 2021. The building will feature 794 apartments, built above a nine-story podium, which would contain parking spaces and a restaurant. With a planned height of 810 feet, it’s the tallest residential building ever proposed to be built in Los Angeles.

Designed by New York-based architecture firm ODA, the tower will feature a special section on upper floors with a few big cutouts on the facades, which offer shared open spaces for the residents in the building and one of the cutouts contains a swimming pool.

Olympia Tower I

Status: Approved

Height: 853 ft (260 m)    Floor count: 65

Estimated completion: 2026

Functions: Residential, Hotel

Olympia Tower I is the tallest tower to be built for the Olympia Towers development in Downtown Los Angeles, which consists a trio of high-rise buildings ranging from 550 to 853 ft. The site of the project is immediately north of Ritz Carlton Residences at LA Live. The towers are designed by the renowned architecture firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill in joint with Patterns.

The project was approved in 2019 and is being developed by Chinese developer Shenglong Group via its Los Angeles subsidiary City Century, demolition works is currently underway on the site.

In total, the three towers will hold 1,000 hotel rooms and 879 residential units. A four-story podium will span across the base of three towers, providing retail spaces and more than 2,000 parking spaces (in combination with five subterranean levels).

Angels Landing Tower 1

Status: Approved

Height: 854 ft (260 m)    Floor count: 63

Estimated completion: 2027

Functions: Residential, Hotel

Angels Landing Tower 1 is a part of the Angels Landing development, which is a joint venture between MacFarlane Partners, Peebles Corporation, and Claridge Properties, the development plan is chosen in a competitive bidding process in 2017 to develop a city-owned site next to the historic Angels Flight funicular railway, which carries passengers up and down Bunker Hill, hence the site of the project is on a sharp slope.

The Tower 1 was originally designed as a 1,020ft-tall supertall skyscraper with 88 floors, but was reduced to 854ft with 63 stories. The tower will hold condominiums and a five-star luxury hotel with 260 guest rooms.

The development received final approval in March 2022 and is expected to complete before the 2028 LA Olympics.

Figueroa Center

Status: Proposed

Height: 975 ft (297 m)    Floor count: 66

Estimated completion: unknown

Functions: Residential, Hotel

Figueroa Center is a 66-story tower proposed in 2017 by Glendale-based developer Regalian, to be built on a site that is now a parking lot just north of Hotel Figueroa in Downtown Los Angeles. With the proposed Olympic Tower on the other side of the hotel building, the iconic hotel building will become only visible from east and west sides.

The tower will hold 200 condominiums and a hotel with 220 guest rooms, above a 9-story podium with parking spaces and commercial spaces.
Due to the pandemic, the developer hadn’t moved forward the project for a long time, making the City Planning terminated the application in mid 2020. But the developer can restart the project by resubmitting the application in the future.

333 South Figueroa

Status: Proposed

Height: 1,107 ft (338 m)    Floor count: 77

Estimated completion: unknown

Functions: Residential, Hotel

This 77-story supertall skyscraper is proposed by Shenzhen New World Group in 2018, the tower is envisioned to rise to a height of 1,107 feet, without adding a spire. If built, it will become the tallest building in Los Angeles by both architectural height (7 feet taller than Wilshire Grand Center’s spire tip) and roof height (89 feet taller than U.S. Bank Tower‘s rooftop), and also the tallest building west of the Mississippi.

The tower would be built adjacent to the 13-story L.A. Downtown Hotel at the southwest corner of Third and Figueroa Streets. It would hold 242 condominiums and a hotel with 599 guest rooms, and a rooftop bar will be open to the public on the top of the tower.

The development has been put on hold in 2019 due to corruption allegations between Shenzhen New World Group and a member of the City Council. And due to the pandemic, no progress is made as of May 2022.

Locations of the buildings

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