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Galavan Tower

In the crime drama TV series Gotham, there’s an unnamed tower often appears in the episodes of Season 2, the top floor of the tower is the penthouse of the villain Theo Galavan, so for sake of convenience we name it Galavan Tower,

Galavan Tower in Gotham

Every time it is shot from this same angel, so judged by this scene, Galavan Tower is a skyscraper with a height of around 213m or 700 feet, almost same as the nearby Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower ( the one with a clock on the facade).

Which real building do you think is this tower inspired from?

It seems hard to think of a similar building that size in the real world, but its golden and black exterior color reminds me of American Radiator Building besides the Bryant Park.

Aerial view of American Radiator Building
Aerial view of American Radiator Building

American Radiator Building is visually similar to Galavan Tower, but unlike Galavan Tower, this building is only 103m or 338 feet tall, it was completed in 1924, and it is the first building built with the style of Art Deco.

It seems the Galavan Tower is just made out by stretching and enlarging the American Radiator Building to a size of a skyscraper, but actually it’s not so and many differences between two towers can be found by scrutinizing these two buildings. Galavan Tower is definitely an originally designed building, the scene designers of Gotham are not so lazy as those who behind the film Batman series which directed by Christopher, in their films, the headquarters of Wayne Enterprises is just exactly the Trump Tower in New York and Chicago Board of Trade Building, don’t get me wrong, Dark Knight rises is an excellent film, they just failed to create a fictional city. In Gotham there’s also an original fictional building served as headquarters of Wayne Enterprises, but it only appeared one time in previous episodes in Season 2.

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