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8 Sites To Get Paid To Write Movie Reviews {$200/Review}

(Last Updated On: July 31, 2022)Movies are something that lingers in our hearts and is full of emotions. Now, what if we say you will get paid for translating emotions into words? Yes, several sites will pay you for writing movie reviews.

Get Paid to Write movie reviews

1. Animation Arena

Animation Arena

The website is dedicated to bringing together different animation content under one umbrella. The website hires writers to write movie reviews and comic book reviews.

Each published movie review will offer you $15 as payment, and you can write up to 10 reviews in a month. The length of the review should be at least 550 words.

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You don’t need to be a professional writer to make money through this gig, but good grammar and excellent writing are necessary.

To start working on the project, you need to send two samples. You can learn more about it by visiting their website.

2. Taste of Cinema

Taste of Cinema

If you are a true movie freak, you would have often visited the site. The site provides a list of articles and is always searching for contributors who are willing to write movie reviews.

Their list includes the best movies of 2020, the most overrated actors working, the best philosophical movies, etc. As a contributor, you need to come up with innovative article ideas.

Once the topic is approved, you can start working on it. If accepted, you will be paid an amount depending on the viewership clicks.

That means the site does not offer you guaranteed pay. Still, if you are a beginner, you can start working to create a strong portfolio.

As a contributor, you can write as much or as little as you prefer. If you want to know more about the website and the contributions you can make, you can review the full instructions by visiting their website.

3. Screenrant


The company was started in 2003 to bring expertise to the table, and today, it has become the top entertainment website. The focus is on writing movies and TV news.

It also includes publishing interviews. The company is always on the lookout for a contributor who has domain knowledge and is ready to do in-depth research.

If you are accepted as a contributor, you will be paid according to your expertise.

While the website does not mention the exact payment that the contributor will receive, a Reddit user says that the payment is a combination of fees and incentives on how the content performs.

You can read the instructions and fill out the application form to submit the movie review. You need to send writing samples and describe your working experience to get started.

4. Bustle


Bustle is another popular website geared toward entertainment, movies, female, fashion, and life. The company searches for writers who have a keen interest in writing articles in these categories. You can apply for the writing position in the category or check out the job vacancies by clicking on their openings. The job position requires you to submit previous work samples with the application.

5. Cineaste


The publication commenced its operation in 1967 to entertain the audience, and today it has become the leading magazine on entertainment, art, and politics.

It accepts feature articles, interviews, book reviews, DVD reviews, and movie reviews.

To increase the chances of acceptance, you need to adhere to the instructions and style list mentioned on their website. The pay depends on the type of published article.

If the article is accepted, the payment will be as under

  • Short movie reviews:$18
  • DVD reviews:$36
  • Film reviews:$45
  • Feature reviews$90

6. Cracked


The website offers movie reviews with a pinch of humor.

Yes, they accept all kinds of articles, including movie reviews, provided that you add a comic element to them.

There are stringent guidelines regarding the publication of the article. They have exceptional standards, so it may take two days to publish a pitch.

If the contribution is accepted, you will be paid $100, and if four articles are approved, the payment is $200 per post.

The kind of articles that they may ask you to write is five ways movies can screw emotional scenes and how costume designers can hack the brain of the artists.

7. Make money through YouTube

If you don’t want to get your articles published as a ghostwriter, you can start a YouTube channel.

The channel lets you start a blog to publish movie reviews and earn.

If the audience likes your contribution and efforts, your channel will become profitable and eventually become a full-time professional.

The beauty of it is that you can start working on your niche.

8. Revenue-sharing websites

If you don’t like the idea of creating a blog but are still wishing to have control over the content, you can start writing posts for revenue-sharing websites.

These websites will allow you to become a writer, and then when your work becomes popular, you can earn revenue through affiliate links or product sales.

Conclusion: Get Paid to Write Movie Reviews

If you love to watch movies, it is a popular side hustle that you can begin with.

However, you need to have exceptional grammar skills and a willingness to write in a different niche with expertise.

You can start working with the websites mentioned above to get paid to write movie reviews or start your own YouTube channel if you have confidence.

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